Our family-owned, third-generation knitwear factory is renowned for not just our hard-skills, but also the experience intrinsic in our DNA: our eye for detail, our design-driven taste, and our inherited acumen to know the right yarn and technique to bring your design vision to life. 


In early-50's Hong Kong, grandmother Madam Lee started the family apparel business "Team Lee" as an exquisite hand-embroidery house. Her craftsmanship was recognized early on by fashion houses such as Christian Dior, who sought her out for her métier. In the 80's, after studying at Columbia University, eldest son and visionary businessman Kenneth took the business to another level into top global supplier. Now, the family heritage lives on, with an emphasis on cashmere innovation and sustainability.


Our private family-owned factory is located in Dongguan, China. Among here are some of the most high-end and expensive garment factories in the country. It is only one hour away from Hong Kong by high-speed rail. Nearby is a network of superb suppliers for all the yarn mills and trims you need. Up north is the home of cashmere, Inner Mongolia.


We specialize in fully-fashioned knitting of natural fibres in fine gauges, and have a stock-yarn inventory of 200,000 kgs of various compositions and yarn counts for speedy sample turnaround. We also can handle cut-and-sew features needed for mixed-media knits. 


We have over 20 years of experience in operating SHIMA SEKI automatic knitters. Our fleet includes 90 machines that all are within 1 to 5 years young. Our operating policy is to retire and replace old models when new ones become available. Our production is closely controlled by our proprietary, in-house supply chain management API: it allows a first-response feed for quality control. Our partners have been thrilled with this quick and transparent process, thanks to our computer-aided design and production.

Download machinery topsheet.


We proudly comply with and encourage the respectable practices of leading social compliance organizations. We are certified by the Fair Wear Foundation (Europe) and Business Social Compliance Initiative (North America).


We are leading efforts in ecological sustainability. These include offering eco-yarns, regenerated pre-consumer material, advocating chemical-free raw materials, reducing production waste by 23%, and water waste by 40%.